Family Project Planner

The Family Project Planner supports families to connect and plan their week together by combining fun and inspiring Family Projects with local activities based on current restrictions. With ideas to help plan and establish a daily, weekly or weekend routine, the Planner lets you search for activities located close to your home and view them on a map, including things such as bushwalking tracks, bike riding options and galleries.  

The Family Project Planner is easily accessed on desktop and mobile and can be printed and shared with the whole family!
We recommend that you check out our full list of activities via our library before planning the week ahead.
  • Click on the day that you would like to plan.
  • Check out all the family projects listed under the 5 themes.
  • Type your address into the search field to see a list of activities located close to your home.
  • Click on the (+) to add up to 5 projects and activities that appeal to you to the desired day.

You can save as a PDF or print out a copy to share with the whole family! Have fun!

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